Cranberry Benefits


Health Benefits
Cancer prevention, Heart care, Kidney stone treatment, Scurvy treatment, Ulcer prevention

General Benefits
Anti-inflammatory properties, Boosts immune system, Digestive aid, Fights against infections, Strengthens bones

Skin Benefits
Anti-aging benefits, Reduces wrinkles, Skin rejuvenation, Treatment of acne

Hair Benefits
Promotes longer and healthier hair, Protects hair, Treatment of dandruff

Cranberry Allergy

Allergy Symptoms
Anaphylaxis, Breathing difficulty, Itching, Skin rash, Swelling of mouth, tongue or lips

Side Effects
Allergic reaction, Diarrhoea, Nausea, Stomach pain, Vomiting

Recommeded for

Pregnant Women

Lactating Women

Best Time to Eat
Any time except an hour after meal, Don't consume at night and before bed

What are the Health benefits of Cranberry?

Fast foods, canned products and processed foods are causing several health issues like obesity, high-low blood pressure, low metabolism rate, etc. What is the best and natural solution for these problems without compromising on taste? Obviously fruits! They are the best natural foods for the overall well being of human body and consumption of fruits in right amount can help achieve a fit and healthy lifestyle. So what are the health benefits of Cranberry? Cranberry benefits are many but few important ones are: heart care, kidney stone treatment, scurvy treatment, ulcer prevention and cancer prevention. Some of the general benefits of this fruit are: anti-inflammatory properties, boosts immune system, digestive aid, fights against infections and strengthens bones. Keep reading to learn more about Cranberry benefits which includes skin & hair benefits. Also learn about its allergy symptoms and side effects.

Allergy Symptoms of Cranberry

Fruits are considered to be the healthy foods but some constituents of fruits may not suit your body type. Hence, such fruits can trigger an allergic reaction which can be injurious to health. Fruit allergic individuals can display different reactions to the same type of fruit. Along with Cranberry Benefits, we are also providing you the information about the possible allergy symptoms that can occur after consuming this fruit. Allergy symptoms of Cranberry include anaphylaxis, breathing difficulty, itching, skin rash and swelling of mouth, tongue or lips.

Skin Benefits of Cranberry

Fruits are undoubtedly the key to a healthy lifestyle due to their high nutritional value. Cranberry benefits also include hair and skin benefits. It is interesting to know how fruits play a great role in refining the texture and health of skin. Some fruits are best for pimple treatments and their juices or pulp extracts can be used as natural masks for skin conditioning. Skin benefits of Cranberry are: anti-aging benefits, reduces wrinkles, skin rejuvenation and treatment of acne, etc. Certain fruits can also can be used as natural hair conditioners and contain nutrients that help strengthen our hair. Cranberry hair benefits are: promotes longer and healthier hair, protects hair and treatment of dandruff.

Side effects of Cranberry

Excess intake or wrong consumption methods can lead to side effects of fruits. Incompatible combinations of fruits with other food products might become a root cause for the adverse results. Hence, along with Cranberry Nutrition or benefits, one should be well aware of side effects of Cranberry. The possible side effects of consuming this fruit are: allergic reaction, diarrhoea, nausea, stomach pain and vomiting.