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Fruits having Calories in Pie greater than 120 kcal


Health Benefits



Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)


Calories in Fresh Fruit with Peel


Seedless Variety




Amount of water present in 100 gm of Fruits.
Water Content
Indigestible part of food that is obtained from plants. Fibers contain substances like cellulose, lignin, pectin and is Important for blood sugar control, Heart health, Skin health, weight loss etc.
These are soluble, crystalline, sweet-tasting carbohydrates found in living tissues.
A type of Vitamin needed for vision, healthy skin, mucous membranes, bone and tooth growth and to immune system health.
Vitamin A (Retinol)
An Antioxidant and part of an enzyme needed for protein metabolism. It’s Important for immune system health and aids in iron absorption.
Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)
Iron helps our red blood cells for transportation of oxygen to all parts of the body. Regulates cell growth and cell differentiation.
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94.52 g
1.20 g
2.60 g
42.00 mcg
14.00 mg
0.27 mg
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94.20 g
0.50 g
2.76 g
426.00 mcg
9.00 mg
0.80 mg
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91.45 g
0.40 g
6.20 g
28.00 mcg
8.10 mg
0.24 mg
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90.70 g
Not Available
Not Available
Not Available
2.80 mg
0.30 mg
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90.48 g
1.10 g
7.31 g
2.00 mcg
33.30 mg
0.06 mg
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90.15 g
0.90 g
7.86 g
169.00 mcg
36.70 mg
0.21 mg
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89.82 g
0.80 g
8.12 g
3.00 mcg
18.00 mg
0.17 mg
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89.70 g
1.50 g
0.00 g
245.10 mcg
6.50 mg
0.60 mg
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89.10 g
1.00 g
Not Available
Not Available
61.00 mg
0.11 mg
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88.98 g
2.80 g
2.50 g
3.00 mcg
53.00 mg
0.60 mg
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Fruits with Calories in Pie greater than 120 kcal

We eat fruits on a regular basis. But are you aware of the nutritional value and health benefits of fruits you consume? And yes, it also happens that one fruit may not contain all the nutrients. So here are some fruits having Calories in Pie+ greater than 120 kcal. Fig, Lime, Sweet Cherry, Kumquat, Sour Cherry, etc. are the some fruits that fall under this category. This will give you a brief idea about fruits with Calories in Pie greater than 120 kcal. Based on the nutrients value, you can include these fruits in your diet.

List of fruits having Calories in Pie greater than 120 kcal

Explore the sorted list of fruits having Calories in Pie+ greater than 120 kcal and get the all the details about their benefits, characteristics, facts, calories, nutrients and much more! There are many varieties of fruits available in the market. It’s not easy to keep a track of all the fruits with respect to their nutrition value. This job is done by wherein you will get all the necessary information about all types of fruits. There are 64 fruits having Calories in Pie greater than 120 kcal. So go ahead and pick your favorite fruit!