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Mangifera Indica
Ananas comosus

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Ananas sativus

Scientific Name of Mango vs Pineapple

Every living being is classified and known by its scientific name. Mango vs Pineapple scientific names are unique and are derived from Latin and Greek languages. Hence comparing Scientific Name of Mango vs Scientific Name of Pineapple becomes essential. Scientific name of Mango vs Pineapple consists of two parts: The first part represents the genus of the fruit whereas the second part represents the specie to which it belongs. Mango vs Pineapple scientific name will let us know the genus and specie of these fruits. Knowing Mango vs Pineapple scientific name will also help us to know these two fruits in a better manner. Compare Mango vs Pineapple scientific name and also find out what these two fruits are called in different languages in the following sections.

Scientific Name of Mango and Pineapple

What is the scientific name of Mango and Pineapple? A question that obviously pops up in our mind while comparing their scientific information. According to Binomial Nomenclature system, every species is named based on standard Latin grammatical forms. There are sets of international rules for naming the species. By comparing Mango vs Pineapple scientific name, you will also get the details about Mango vs Pineapple Scientific Classification. Genus (Mangifera) and species (M. indica) make 'Mangifera Indica' the scientific name of Mango. On the other hand, genus (Ananas) and species (A. comosus) make 'Ananas comosus' the scientific name of Pineapple.