Pineapple Calories


Serving Size
100 g

Calories in Fresh Fruit with Peel
Not Available

Calories in Fresh Fruit without Peel
50.00 kcal

Calories in Frozen Form
50.00 kcal

Calories in Dried Form
245.00 kcal

Calories in Canned Form
52.00 kcal

Calories in Foods

Calories in Juice
53.00 kcal

Calories in Jam
265.00 kcal

Calories in Pie
303.00 kcal

How many calories in Pineapple?

How many calories in Pineapple? The word 'Calories' changes everyone’s facial expression, especially the ones who follow a proper health diet. But are calories bad? No, they aren't! Our body needs calories for energy. Eating too many calories and not burning them through physical activity can result in weight gain. The term Calorie refers to the energy that is consumed from eating and drinking. The amount of calories are different in frozen, dried and canned form of fruits. The calories present in fresh fruit with peel and without peel are also different. Pineapple calories play a vital role in Pineapple Nutrition. Calorie content of this fruit is due to the presence of essential fats, carbohydrates and proteins. From the information provided below, you can conclude that this fruit belongs to Low Calorie Fruits category. For a serving size of 100 g, the amount of calories present in this fruit are as follows:

  • Calories in fresh fruit with peel: Not Available
  • Calories in fresh fruit without peel: 50.00 kcal
  • Calories in frozen form: 50.00 kcal
  • Calories in dried form: 245.00 kcal
  • Calories in canned (light syrup) form: 52.00 kcal
  • Amount of Calories in Pineapple Foods

    The amount of calories in Pineapple foods like Jam, Pie and Juices is also different. Calorie content of different Pineapple foods is:

  • Calories in Juice: 53.00 kcal
  • Calories in Jam: 265.00 kcal
  • Calories in Pie: 303.00 kcal
  • In nutritional terms, the calorie content of Pineapple is the energy obtained through its consumption. Here is a simple equation to maintain a balance between calorie levels: The amount of energy consumed must be equal to the amount of energy utilized. If low, the person may become weak and if high, this energy is stored in the form of fat. Everyone needs calories for proper functioning of body and Pineapple calories will not alter the diet in any hazardous way. Calorie requirements vary depending upon the physical activities, age, weight, height and health of the individual.