List of Fruits




Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)


Calories in Fresh Fruit with Peel


Seedless Variety




Amount of water present in 100 gm of Fruits.
Water Content
Indigestible part of food that is obtained from plants. Fibers contain substances like cellulose, lignin, pectin and is Important for blood sugar control, Heart health, Skin health, weight loss etc.
These are soluble, crystalline, sweet-tasting carbohydrates found in living tissues.
A type of Vitamin needed for vision, healthy skin, mucous membranes, bone and tooth growth and to immune system health.
Vitamin A (Retinol)
An Antioxidant and part of an enzyme needed for protein metabolism. It’s Important for immune system health and aids in iron absorption.
Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)
Iron helps our red blood cells for transportation of oxygen to all parts of the body. Regulates cell growth and cell differentiation.
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95.23 g
0.50 g
1.67 g
5.00 mcg
2.80 mg
0.28 mg
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94.52 g
1.20 g
2.60 g
42.00 mcg
14.00 mg
0.27 mg
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93.90 g
1.80 g
2.40 g
18.00 mcg
80.40 mg
0.34 mg
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92.30 g
3.00 g
3.53 g
Not Available
2.20 mg
0.23 mg
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91.45 g
0.40 g
6.20 g
28.00 mcg
8.10 mg
0.24 mg
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91.38 g
2.80 g
3.98 g
3.00 mcg
34.40 mg
0.08 mg
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90.95 g
2.00 g
4.89 g
1.00 mcg
58.80 mg
0.41 mg
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90.15 g
0.90 g
7.86 g
169.00 mcg
36.70 mg
0.21 mg
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89.70 g
1.50 g
0.00 g
245.10 mcg
6.50 mg
0.60 mg
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89.10 g
1.00 g
Not Available
Not Available
61.00 mg
0.11 mg
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Fruit List

Fruits are considered as ‘super foods’ for being the powerhouse of antioxidants, fiber, vitamins and minerals. They are helpful for all health requirements like weight gain, weight loss, glowing skin, strong and long hair, etc. Awareness about health and body building is making people curious about different types of fruits. List of fruits belonging to various categories is provided here. This fruit list would introduce you to variety of fruits in different regions across the world e.g. Green apple, Longan, Apple, Sapota, etc. You will also get more information about their facts, nutritional benefits, calorie count, characteristics, etc.

Healthy Fruits

The above list of fruits includes many nutritious fruits that form an essential part of a healthy diet. If consumed in right proportion and recommended form, these fruits will surely help you overcome various deficiencies and health issues. Changing season makes you crave for different food items like junk food, snacks etc. But this may lead to an unhealthy lifestyle. At such times, fruits are the best solution. They fulfill the taste as well as health requirements. Healthy fruits keep you fresh for long duration and regular intake reduces the risk of many health problems.

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