Durian and Rambutan Benefits

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1 Benefits
1.1 Health Benefits
Anti depressant, Boosts immune system, Cancer prevention, Heart care, Reduces stress
Anti-oxidant properties, Boosts immune system, Skin rejuvenation, Strengthening of bones
1.1.1 General Benefits
Anti oxidant properties, Anti-inflammatory properties, Boosts immune system, Controls blood pressure, Controls blood sugar levels, Digestive aid, Flu treatment, Strengthens bones
Antiseptic properties, Cures headache, Removes waste from kidney
1.2 Skin Benefits
Anti-aging benefits, Brightens and lightens complexion
Hydrates skin
1.3 Hair Benefits
Promotes longer and healthier hair, Protects hair
Good conditioner
1.4 Allergy
1.4.1 Allergy Symptoms
Diarrhea, Headaches, Hives, Nasal congestion, Red rash, Runny nose, Vomiting
Chest pains, Rhinitis, Wheezing
1.5 Side Effects
Affects blood glucose levels, Nausea, Stomach pain
1.6 Recommeded for
1.6.1 Pregnant Women
All High Calorie Fruits Fruits have it !
All High Calorie Fruits Fruits have it !
1.6.2 Lactating Women
81% High Calorie Fruits Fruits have it !
81% High Calorie Fruits Fruits have it !
1.7 Best Time to Eat
Along with meal, As a snack in the late afternoon, Don't consume at night and before bed, Morning time (before lunch)
As a snack in the late afternoon, Don't consume at night and before bed, Eat the fresh ones, avoid mixing with any other foods, don't eat after meal., Morning time (before lunch)

Health Benefits of Durian and Rambutan

Do you know the health benefits of Durian and Rambutan? Nowadays, everyone has become more and more health conscious. Fruits are in great demand as their nutritional value is way more than the other foods. Learn about Durian and Rambutan benefits & include them in your regular diet.
Durian Benefits are as follows: boosts immune system, heart care, reduces stress, anti depressant and cancer prevention. 

Rambutan Benefits are as follows: anti-oxidant properties, boosts immune system, skin rejuvenation and strengthening of bones. 

Durian and Rambutan are also known for their hair and skin benefits. Skin Benefits of Durian are: anti-aging benefits and brightens and lightens complexion while the skin benefits of Rambutan are: hydrates skin. Hair Benefits of Durian are : promotes longer and healthier hair and protects hair and that of Rambutan are good conditioner. Depending on Durian and Rambutan benefits, you can decide which fruit would suit your diet! Due to the presence of vital nutrients and appropriate count of calories, the benefits of fruits are numerous.

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