Calories in Longan and Apple

Apple Fruit
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Serving Size
100 g
100 g

Calories in Fresh Fruit with Peel
83.00 kcal
52.00 kcal

Calories in Fresh Fruit without Peel
Not Available
48.00 kcal

Calories in Frozen Form
Not Available
48.00 kcal

Calories in Dried Form
Not Available
243.00 kcal

Calories in Canned Form
Not Available
67.00 kcal

Calories in Foods

Calories in Juice
50.00 kcal
47.00 kcal

Calories in Jam
Not Available
200.00 kcal

Calories in Pie
109.00 kcal
265.00 kcal

Longan and Apple Calorie Comparison

Fruits are the known sources of calories but different fruits have different calorie content. If you are concerned about your daily calorie intake, then Longan and Apple calorie comparison tool can help you make a better choice. Calories in Longan and Apple play a vital role in Longan vs Apple Nutrition.

The amount of Calories in various forms of Apple is given below:

  • Fresh Fruit with Peel - 83.00 kcal
  • Fresh Fruit without Peel - Not Available
  • Frozen Fruit - Not Available
  • Dried Fruit - Not Available
  • Canned (Light Syrup, Unheated) Form - Not Available

The amount of Calories in different forms of Apple are:

  • Fresh Fruit with Peel - 52.00 kcal

  • Fresh Fruit without Peel - 48.00 kcal
  • Frozen Fruit - 48.00 kcal
  • Dried Fruit - 243.00 kcal
  • Canned (Light Syrup, Unheated) Form - 67.00 kcal

Calories in Longan and Apple Foods

The amount of calories in different Longan and Apple foods like pie, jam etc. is different. Hence, the comparison between the calories in Longan and Apple foods will help you choose the right fruit for your diet.

Longan Calories:

  • Calorie Content in Longan Juice - 50.00 kcal
  • Calorie Content in Longan Jam - Not Available
  • Calorie Content in Longan Pie - 109.00 kcal

Apple Calories:

  • Calorie Content in Apple Juice - 47.00 kcal
  • Calorie Content in Apple Jam - 200.00 kcal
  • Calorie Content in Apple Pie - 265.00 kcal

Calorie is a unit of energy. Just like we have centimeter and grams to measure distance and weight, we have calories to measure energy provided by the food. Calories from food combine with oxygen to release energy. Our body needs this energy for various functions like breathing, blood circulation, growth, cells repairing etc. Thus, calories in Longan and Apple, when consumed, will get converted into energy needed for all important daily tasks. To maintain a proper weight, the amount of calories consumed should be equal to amount of calories burnt through exercises and daily activities.